ISO 9001:2008

EUROTREILER is the first Greek company in its field, that making treiler with national certificate for type approval, certification ISO 9001:2008 and Certificate of Compliance required by the EU




Trailers with Certification

EUROTREILER is the first Greek company in its field who manufactures trailer with certificate from 1993

Certification National type approval,

Certification ISO 9001:2008 and

Certification Compliance the EU

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Issuance of registration permits for vehicles of category O

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport is making a move to make changes to the towed vehicle sector, the biggest we have ever seen in this area. Towed vehicles will be given an autonomous licence and number plates, so that they can be towed by any vehicle that meets the required specifications rather than a specific vehicle.

At the same time, this decision will put an end to the dangerous self-made vehicles that are often seen on the roads with the mandatory type approval. From 18 October the new legislation will come into force and owners of towed vehicles will have to obtain a registration plate and permit in order to be compliant with the law.

Note that this applies to every type of trailer vehicle, from a simple trailer and bungalow, to a boat transport platform, caravan or ramp for racing cars and two-wheelers.

Below is the Ministerial Decision published in the Government Gazette in March 2021.

Issuance of registration permits for vehicles of category O

1.Vehicles of category "O" shall be issued a registration licence and issued with a registration number different from that of the towing vehicle and shall be put into circulation as independent vehicles. The registration number of such vehicles shall be preceded by the following:

    the distinguishing letter 'P' for public service vehicles, and
    a combination of two characters preceded by the distinguishing letter 'T' for other vehicles.

2.For the form and details of the registration certificate of vehicles of category O, the Ministerial Decision A-33824/2683/04 (B' 1514) applies. The determination of the technical data necessary for the issuance of a registration permit for these vehicles is possible through the following documents:

    for new vehicles:
    a1. the EC type-approval communication form and the certificate of conformity; or
    a2. the EC type-approval communication form for small series and the certificate of conformity, or
    a3. a communication form of national type-approval of small series and a certificate of conformity or a signed original declaration of conformity of the manufacturer; or
    a4. certificate of individual approval, in accordance with the Joint Ministerial Decision No. 29949/1841/29.11.2009 (B' 2112), which transposed Directive 2007/46/EC into Greek legislation, Directive No. 5299/406/2012 Ministerial Decision "Determination of procedures and alternative requirements for the issuance of EC type-approval, EC type-approval of small series, national type-approval of small series and individual vehicle approval in accordance with Joint Ministerial Decision 29949/1841/09" (V' 2840) and Article 4 of Regulation (EU) 2018/858.
    for second-hand vehicles: aa) the vehicle registration certificate, in accordance with Ministerial Decision No 13700/78 (B' 401) or bb) the special towing note issued in accordance with Chapter C of Ministerial Decision No 16823/1978 (B' 524) and/or the corresponding engineer's declaration drawn up in accordance with Ministerial Decision No 23780/1978 (B' 642), as amended and in force.

The towing note shall be accompanied by:

    at least three colour photographs of the vehicle in paper and digital format, so that two of them clearly show the rear view (lights, position of the registration plate), the side and front view (arrangement of the connection to the towing vehicle) and the third one shows the engraved identification number (chassis number) and/or the manufacturer's plate (if any),
    an imprint of the chassis number of the vehicle if it can be reproduced (e.g. engraved or embossed).

In case the original declaration of the engineer, on the basis of which the special towing note of the vehicle was issued, cannot be found, a new engineer's declaration shall be drawn up in accordance with Ministerial Decision No. 23780/1978 (B' 642), as amended and in force, and shall be submitted either electronically and digitally signed, in accordance with Article 14 of Law No. 2672/1998 (A' 290), the decree 150/2001 (A' 125) and Regulation (EU) 910/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 July 2014, or in person at the competent Transport and Communications Service of the Region of the country.

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